Seagulls began to return early to Tatarstan Russian News EN

Seagulls returned to Tatarstan earlier than usual due to abnormal heat

This year the seagulls have started to return to Tatarstan earlier than usual due to abnormal heating. I have talked about that “Interfax” professor, doctor of biological sciences KFU Ilgizar Rakhimov.

According to him, numerous reports of the appearance of birds indicate that the ice has already begun to melt in the republic, and the water has become bare.

“Now the seagull gulls have arrived. They are large, noticeable … One of the birds was sitting on the roof of the building, opposite our pulpit, which caught the attention of the crows, they did not know what to do with it, they shot his tail,” added the expert.

He also noted that seagulls feed on anything that comes their way. In particular, many birds forage for food in landfills or pick up what fishermen throw away.

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