Schoolboy from Leningrad region accused classmate of abuse Russian News EN in the Leningrad region, a schoolboy accused his classmate of abuse

schoolboy of Leningrad region accused his classmate of abuse. On this subject writing

According to the publication, the father of the injured boy contacted the police. The man learned what had happened from the school chat. On the same day, the tests necessary for the examination were carried out on the teenager.

In turn, the mother of the accused student claims that there was a conflict between the boys. According to the woman, her son’s classmate may claim abuse in retaliation for the fight, according to the portal. also learned that the injured boy recently moved to the current school. In addition, the two teenagers live in neighboring houses. Today, the social pedagogue should talk to them.

Previously, we knew that Tuva high school students for 10 days violated ten year old boy. At the same time, neither security nor the administration of the educational institution noticed what was happening. Moreover, the deputy State Duma Alexander Khinstein drew attention to the fact that in the investigation of this case there is chaos and called it “savagery”. The child who survived the violence did not receive appropriate medical or psychological assistance.

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