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Muslim Savannah from Sydney slammed by mature client because of hijab

Store worker Savannah (surname unknown) in Sydney has been slammed by a customer because of her appearance. She shared the relevant story in her ICT Tac-account, which has more than 11.4 thousand subscribers.

Influencer with the nickname savannahgeishaa said that one of the middle-aged customers asked him the question: “Are you by any chance a penguin?”. At the same time, the saleswoman showed the image that caused the incident.

In the displayed frames, the Muslim woman appeared in a black hijab, consisting of loose clothing that hides the figure. Additionally, the video shows that the girl’s head is covered with a white Islamic headscarf. “At first I was surprised by such an insult, then I still replied that he was wrong. And then he apologized, ”admitted Savannah.

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Subscribers decided to support the blogger in the comments below the post. “Forgive him, it’s a grandfather’s joke”, “It’s very rude”, “You are beautiful”, they said.

In December 2022 the complete blogger Ezzy forced out a coffee for inappropriate attire. Thus, in the snaps posted, Ezzy appeared in a small white top, exposing her belly with her folds, her arms and her cleavage. In addition, the girl put on loose gray pants and tied her hair with a pink scarf.

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