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FCS: for more than a year they tried to illegally take out more than a billion rubles from Russia

During the year of restrictions on the export of foreign currency, the Russians tried to illegally transport abroad more than a billion rubles. On this subject report Izvestia with reference to information Federal Customs Service (FTS).

For 12 months to March 2023, the FCS uncovered over 12,000 cases of violations when citizens carry cash across the border. At the same time, the vast majority fell on attempts to withdraw funds from the country – this figure jumped by almost 70% over the year, reaching 10.2 thousand. Of these, more than half of the cases are related to violations prohibition for the export of the territory Russia foreign currency in excess of $10,000. In addition, certain administrative procedures have been opened in connection with the non-declaration of cash or the indication of false information on the amounts transported.

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Department experts reported that the total amount they tried to illegally withdraw reached 1.04 billion rubles. At the same time, the volume of illegally imported silver decreased by 1.5 times, to 463.8 million rubles. According to customs, most often Russians tried to smuggle rubles, dollars and euros, and the most popular destinations for offenders were Türkiye, United Arab Emirates, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan And Israel.

The FCS explained that the sharp increase in offenses and cases initiated on the facts of illegal transport of cash was influenced by the impossibility of making bank transfers abroad and restrictions on the use of Russian cards. in some countries. Researcher at the Laboratory for the Study of the Monetary System and Analysis of Financial Markets of the Russian University of Economics. GV Plekhanov Alexander Tomtosov agrees that it is the difficulties in transferring funds that cause people to take conscious risks when trying to export currencies beyond the current limit.

Previously central bank informedthat Russians more often choose foreign banks to store their currency. The volume of foreign currency deposits of Russian citizens abroad in 2022 exceeded their size inside the country. The regulator noted that the change in residents’ preferences in favor of foreign banks occurred against the background of pressure from sanctions, devaluation of the Russian banking system and the introduction by domestic banks of fees for the management of foreign accounts. currencies.

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