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“Moscow Real Estate Investment Agency”: demand from Russians for the purchase of studio apartments has decreased

In January-February 2023, the demand for acquiring studios in more than 16 million cities Russia decreased by 26.6% compared to the same result in 2022. The fact that Russians have become less interested in buying one type of apartment, was told by experts from the Agency of property investment Moscow“.

According to experts, over the specified period, the number of applications decreased in all major cities, except Permed – there the indicator increased by 5.92%. The greatest decrease in the parameter was observed in petersburg – there, the negative dynamics compared to January-February of last year amounted to 45.69%. In Moscow, there was also a significant decrease in the number of applications, which was estimated at 35.95%.

In addition, experts noted that by the end of 2022, the demand for the purchase of studios in 16 cities with a million inhabitants in Russia decreased by 10.29% compared to 2021. The biggest drop in one year was recorded in Krasnodar, where the number of requests decreased by 25.47%. On the other hand, some large cities have experienced growth. This was greatest in Nizhny Novgorod, where the figure for the year rose by 18.32%.

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“Last year we predicted a drop in demand for studio apartments in Russia. Then we called the reasons for this drop in the form of high prices and low rental demand for such objects. Now we have all understood this, but to these two points I would also add an expensive mortgage, which has destroyed all the mathematics of such acquisitions Under current conditions, if there are no strong positive changes, we expect a return to the market of barter transactions with an additional payment, the sale of objects with installment payment from a private individual, ”said Valery Letenkov, General Director of the Moscow Real Estate Investment Agency.

In February, the experts at Cyan. Analysts» came to the conclusion that in the regions of Russia with the largest number of migrants there are more studios. They added that the greatest growth and share of studio sales have been seen in regions with the highest number of arrivals in 2021 from other regions of the working-age population – a potential audience. for home purchases.

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