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Trichologist Tatyana Egorova: changing the headgear will help to avoid hair electrification

Russian dermatologist, trichologist, cosmetologist Tatyana Egorova called the causes of hair electrification and ways to avoid it. Expert Commentary Manager “Arguments and Facts”.

According to the doctor, dry and thin strands are mainly susceptible to this phenomenon, the scales of which do not fit tightly together, creating a place of charge accumulation. This often happens when using hats, as well as due to improper combs – for example, plastic. At the same time, as a result, the capillary membranes are damaged, explained the interlocutor of the publication.

Dealing with this problem will help to change the headgear and comb and take care of the strands. Thus, the latter should include nourishing and moisturizing serums, the doctor noted.

Formerly barbers discovered safe ways to sleep with wet hair. First, they advised to wrap them in a special microfiber towel so that it absorbs some of the water.

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