Russians called the main criteria for choosing a summer residence: House: Habitat:

“NDV Supermarket Real Estate”: when choosing a dacha, you should pay attention to the site

First of all, when buying a cottage, you need to pay attention to the terrain. The main criteria for choosing a dacha for Russians were called by the head of the department of urban real estate “NDV Real Estate Supermarket” Elena Mishchenko, reports “News”.

According to the expert, the ideal option would be a flat plot of regular rectangular or square shape with already installed communications and year-round entrance without off-season flooding. When inspecting the house, you need to assess the facade and the interior condition: floor, floors, plumbing, wiring, thermal insulation, ventilation, heating system. The foundations and exterior walls are also worth seeing.

Sample agency manager Maria Roumiantseva advised to take into account the location of the dacha and the ecological map of the region to make sure that the smell of the nearest landfills and industrial enterprises will not disturb the owner of the house. For gardening and greenhouse hobby, the expert advises a flat area suitable for lawns and playgrounds, and for those who want to acquire an artificial reservoir or cave, difficult mountainous terrain. It is also important to ensure that the cadastral plan of the land is correct.

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Roman Chernyshov, senior lawyer of the Yuko law firm, added that before buying it is necessary to check the creditworthiness of the owner of the object. “A potential or existing bankruptcy may lead to the invalidation of the contract for the sale of a dacha or land. You will have to return the property, but it is unlikely that you will be able to return all the money,” he explained.

Earlier in March, analysts from the World of Apartments portal discovered the cost of the cheapest cottage in the Moscow region. We are talking about a house 90 kilometers from the Moscow Ring Road worth 200,000 rubles.

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