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“Bonus”: lawyer Kiktenko said that bank certificates must be kept for three years

Lecturer at the Faculty of Law NRU HSE Konstantin Kiktenko in an interview with the Prime agency appointed Russian terms for storing old documents.

According to Kiktenko, the passport, birth, death, marriage certificates, TIN, health insurance and pension cards must be “kept forever”. The same applies to real estate documents, despite the fact that all data in electronic form is in the USRN.

In addition, it is necessary to keep bank certificates after closing a mortgage or other loan. Despite the three-year statute of limitations, problems can arise in more years, the lawyer said.

Receipts for payment of housing and communal services should be kept for three years, checks for goods – two weeks, during which return is possible. Contracts for the purchase of electronic devices must be kept for at least three years or until the end of the warranty period.

Earlier Russians said about methods of housing fraud – fraudsters in the real estate sector have started to use methods including fake QR codes and fake advertisements on housing search services.

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