Russians call daily habits aging skin Russian News EN founder Chernova advised Russians to use SPF all year round

Founder of cosmetics brand Marina Chernova called daily habits that lead to skin aging. The corresponding comment from the specialist was received by on Tuesday, March 21.

First, Chernova noted that many people don’t wash before going to bed. “During sleep, regeneration and rejuvenation processes take place in the skin. But the cosmetics and dirt accumulated during the day clog the pores, slow down the regeneration of the skin and prevent the formation of collagen”, explained the expert and advised that after cleaning the skin, always apply serum and moisturizer on your face.

In addition, the interlocutor of the publication urged not to forget to protect the skin from the sun. According to her, funds with SPF should be used all year round, even in winter and on cloudy days. So, Chernova recommended using cosmetics with an SPF from 15 to 25 in the cold season and from 30 in the warm season.

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In addition, the specialist said that to maintain the health and beauty of the skin, you must take vitamins D, A, zinc, omega and magnesium. “Vitamin A will increase skin density, collagen synthesis and hyaluronic acid. Zinc will relieve inflammation and irritation, shrink sebaceous gland ducts and protect against ultraviolet rays,” she explained.

Chernova also suggested starting to sleep in the right positions and stopping constantly touching your face with your hands. In the first case, the expert said that sleeping on the side causes the appearance of folds. As for the second habit, bacteria can enter the pores of the fingers and lead to redness, acne, blackheads and peeling.

Formerly makeup artist Alexandra Aster appointed Russian women are the main mistakes in facials. First of all, the specialist noted the use of a scrub containing apricot kernels. According to her, this tool injures the skin and can cause inflammation due to scarring.

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