Russian woman talked to scammers and found herself with no apartment or money Russian News EN

A resident of the Tver region sold the apartment after a phone conversation with scammers

Resident the city of Nelidovo in the Tver region, she spoke on the phone with scammers and found herself without an apartment and without a large sum of money. The attackers convinced the pensioner to sell a home and transfer money to them, informed Tvergrad.

A stranger called the Russian woman on a cell phone and introduced himself as a bank employee. The interlocutor said that a general power of attorney was issued in the name of the woman, and the “trustee” was trying to sell her apartment.

The pensioner got scared and decided to sell the house herself. After the deal, the fake banker contacted her again and convinced her to transfer 1.4 million rubles to a supposedly safer account, which the woman did. A criminal case has been opened in the incident and an investigation is ongoing.

Previously, in similar circumstances, money and an apartment lost resident petersburg. The scammers by phone convinced the pensioner that her savings were in danger and invited her to transfer funds to secure accounts – within a few weeks the woman lost 4.2 million rubles.

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