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US toy giant Hasbro, creator of the popular board game, suspended operations in Russia a year ago

Russian toy stores are running out of Monopoly sets, a year after US board game creator Hasbro announced a temporary shutdown of its operations in Russia, business news site RBK reported on Saturday.

According to the outlet, Monopoly Classic sets are no longer available from Mosigra, one of the largest Russian chains selling board games. They’ve also disappeared from the shelves of Intellect-toy, as well as Hobby Games, owned by Hobby World, which is said to be the nation’s largest board game retailer.

It’s still possible to buy the iconic family game from e-commerce giants Ozon and Wildberries.

The original version of Monopoly is in limited supply, at over 3,000,000 per game. (37)

The shortage of Monopoly sets in the Russian market is due to Hasbro’s decision to cease operations in Russia following the military operation in Ukraine. The company suspended deliveries and distribution of new merchandise in the country last April.

Additionally, Russian specialty stores face a shortage of Uno and Scrabble sets, produced by US toymaker Mattel, which announced plans to exit the Russian market in March 2022.

Last month, the Russian government added toys and games produced by Hasbro and Mattel to the list of goods eligible for parallel imports. The scheme, officially adopted last year in response to Western sanctions, allows Russian companies to source from any company outside of Russia, as long as they are purchased legally.

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