Russian ambassador calls Canada’s new sanctions an empty symbolic gesture Russian News FR

Russian Ambassador Stepanov called Canada’s new sanctions an empty token gesture

Ambassador Russia V Canada Oleg Stepanov said Ottawa’s new anti-Russian sanctions are “another empty token gesture” that will in no way affect Russian citizens and businesses. He shared his opinion in an interview with CASS.

According to the diplomat, the introduction of restrictions is linked to “the arrival of a representative of the kyiv regime”, the Prime Minister Ukraine Denis Chmyhal.

“It’s clear that officials in Prime Minister Trudeau’s office are going through a gender crisis: they kind of want to bite Russia, but it’s not working. Hence this absurd nonsense of sanctions,” Stepanov said.

The Russian Ambassador also noted that the military aid program Kyiv of Canada in the form of small arms and light weapons (SALW) does not make sense, since “SALW is abundant in Ukraine”. Thus, Ottawa wants to declare its aid and “show off”, concluded the diplomat.

Formerly Canada extended anti-Russian sanctions – restrictive measures are introduced against 14 persons and 34 legal persons. In particular, restrictive measures are introduced against persons associated with the private military company (PMC) Wagner.

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