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More than a hundred ships are expected to be built over the next three years

The Russian government plans to build around 150 freighters by 2027 under a preferential leasing project, Deputy Prime Minister Denis Manturov has revealed.

“Another area that has received particular attention under the sanctions regime is cargo for various purposes and deadweight,” Manturov said Wednesday at the Federation Council.

These will include tankers, grain carriers, container ships, barges, tugs and dry cargo ships, including Arctic-class icebreakers, according to the official.

“This will contribute to the reorientation of export flows through the waters of the Azov, Black, Baltic, White and Caspian Seas”, he noted.

Manturov, who also heads the Ministry of Industry and Trade, said the Russian National Fund will help build 260 new ships.

“This program will ensure the further development of the passenger fleet. More than 70 modern and comfortable hydrofoils, electric river buses and cruising catamarans are planned for construction,” he added.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade expects a total of 985 ships to be built in Russia by 2035. In the long term, it aims to build 60 large-tonnage ships and 93 medium-tonnage ships.

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