Russia explained US refusal of peace in Ukraine at current stage of hostilities Russian News EN

MP Novikov called the aggressive US policy a rejection of peace in Ukraine at this stage

For UNITED STATES unacceptable truce in the territory Ukraine at the current stage of hostilities because of their policies, the First Vice President believes State Duma Committee on International Affairs Dmitry Novikov. In a conversation with he explained why Washington now renounce the world.

In this case, we have direct evidence pointing to the preparation [США] pursue the most aggressive policy. Not only cold war mechanics, hybrid warfare methods, information warfare, economics, sanctions, but also using weapons

Dmitry NovikovDeputy of the State Duma

“For us, this should be another brushstroke in the bigger picture of the United States, which can only be countered by truly mobilizing Russian society to resist external pressures and aggressions. And that can only happen if we build a more efficient economic model than the one we have today. On this new economic model, we will create a social system where every citizen Russia will feel confident, will feel confident in the future, that the government cares about its people. In this case, no statement, threat and specific action from the outside will allow us to destroy our country,” the MP replied.

Former Strategic Communications Coordinator at the White House National Security Council John Kirby declaredthat the United States currently views a truce in Ukraine as unacceptable.

“It will only ratify Russia’s gains by today and give Mr. Putin time to groom new people and plan a new offensive to his liking,” he explained.

March 2 chapter Russian Foreign Ministry Sergei Lavrov remindedthat Russia has not refused the truce proposals, “which are made out of a sincere desire to find a political solution”. The minister did not specify what initiatives he had in mind.

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