Russia dropped ‘smart bombs’ on Ukrainian armed forces in Kherson region: Ukraine: Former USSR:

“RV”: Russian Aerospace Forces inflict massive strikes with smart bombs on Ukrainian Armed Forces in Kherson region

Aerospace Forces (VKS) Russia inflict massive strikes with “smart bombs” on places where armed forces equipment and soldiers are concentrated Ukraine (AFU) in the Kherson region. It is reported in Telegram-channel “Russian Spring Military Correspondents”.

“Right now Russian SU-35 strikes in the Kherson region, along the front line. It’s hell there,” RV said citing the Ukrainian military.

The channel reports that the explosions took place in the Berislavsky district of the Kherson region on the right bank of the Dnieper. At the same time, Russian planes repeatedly fly to the launch lines, military correspondents note.

Previously reportedthat the pro-Russian militants created in the control by the Armed Forces of Ukraine Kherson a clandestine organization whose main purpose is to destroy the objects of Ukrainian troops. “Thanks to our help, several objects have already been successfully worked out,” the underground worker said of the organization’s fight against the Ukrainian armed forces.

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