Russia asks West for deadline to remove fertilizer operations from sanctions Russian News EN

Nebenzya: West has two months to remove food transactions from Russia from sanctions

The West has two months to remove sanctions from the entire chain of operations with food and fertilizers from Russia. Such a mandate was called by the Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation to The United Nations (UN) Vasily Nebenzyatransmits TASS.

He recalled that Russia had agreed to extend the agreement until May 18. However, the next steps Moscow on this issue will depend on the progress made in solving the problems identified, underlined the Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation. “If in Washington, Brussels And London really interested in continuing food exports with Ukraine along the maritime corridor in their interest, and then they have two months to remove their sanctions from the whole chain of operations accompanying Russian agricultural exports, with the help of the UN,” Nebenzya said.

Formerly Russia agreed extend the grain deal for 60 days after it expires on March 18. According to diplomats, Moscow’s position will be determined based on “real progress” in normalizing agricultural exports. In the meantime, the extension of the agreement in the Kremlin has been described as a gesture of goodwill.

Agreement on the creation of a safe corridor for the export of Ukrainian grain from ports OdessaChernomorsk and Yuzhny was signed on July 22, 2022 by representatives of Russia, Turkey, Ukraine and the UN. The coordination of vessel traffic is ensured by the Joint Coordination Center (JCC) of Istanbul. The agreement also included the removal of export restrictions on Russian fertilizers. Moscow believes that this part of the agreement is being implemented slowly.

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