Rishi Sunak accused of spending millions of state budget on private flights Russian News EN

UK Prime Minister Sunak accused of spending millions from state budget on private flights

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has been accused of embezzling public funds while on business trips. This is reported Mirror.

According to the material, in just six weeks the politician spent 500,000 pounds (48 million rubles) from the state budget on flights on private jets. In particular, the man made tours on jets to Egypt, Latvia, Estonia And Indonesia. So, for example, £108,000 (10.3 million rubles) was spent on a trip to Egypt and to visit the G20 summit on Bali island – 342 thousand pounds (33 million rubles).

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“It’s a shocking waste of taxpayers’ money as people struggle to pay their bills,” said MP Vera Hobhouse. “The government may pretend to care about the environment, but in fact in this way it is breaking its own promises.”

In September 2021 President Ecuador Guillermo Lasso exposed for the sale of a Legacy EMB-135 BJ personal aircraft for the sake of the country’s budget. According to the Head of State, to rationalize public spending and balance the national budget, it is necessary to sell unproductive, inefficient or useless assets.

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