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Among women’s misunderstood allusions, men cite requests for warm-ups and help with their studies.

Reddit forum users called out misunderstood female hints of sex and romance. Obvious and missed signals about a man’s sympathy list in the AskReddit section in response to a related question.

One of the most popular comments was the admission that requests for warming in the cold and help with studies remained unheard.

She invited me to her home to prepare for Saturday evening classes. She closed the bedroom door, we were on her bed. Lessons learned a bit and I’m gone

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At that time, my future wife was suffering from the winter cold. She texted me saying she was cold, asked if there was anything I could do to keep her warm. I suggested insulating the windows with film

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Some recalled even more direct allusions.

She looked into my eyes while holding my hand and said, “I would definitely date someone like you.” And I thought to myself: well, maybe one day I will really find myself a girl!

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We had known each other for a while, and she kept talking about how cool her breasts were, then offered to show them to me. I replied, of course, that she didn’t have to. But she really liked me, and she pressed me for a few more weeks. A few years later we got married

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Previous Reddit Users called fetishes of their current and former partners, whom they consider to be the strangest. A few comments mentioned a love for professional uniforms and similar attire.

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