Putin’s death and “Ukraine’s coup in the Kremlin”. The New York Times spoke of the “unforeseen scenarios” of the war, which are considered by the American intelligence services

US intelligence services are considering “unforeseen scenarios” for the development of the war in Ukraine, including the death of Russian President Vladimir Putin. This is reported by the New York Times, citing a secret document that appeared on social media following a recent leak from the Pentagon.

In total, the document presents four scenarios that could affect the course of the war: the death of Vladimir Putin, the death of Vladimir Zelensky, the change of leadership of the Russian army and “the strike of Ukraine against the Kremlin”. .

The document indicates that the war is likely to be protracted and that each of the scenarios has the potential to escalate, end the conflict through negotiations or have no significant impact.

In the case of the hypothetical “Ukraine strike on the Kremlin” scenario, the New York Times does not explain what exactly it is. At the same time, she writes that with such a development of events, according to US intelligence, Putin may respond to “public protest”, start a large-scale mobilization and consider the possibility of using tactical nuclear weapons. Another scenario in this case is that fears in society could force the president of Russia to enter into negotiations to resolve the conflict, according to intelligence services.

As the newspaper notes, the Joe Biden administration is particularly concerned about a possible Ukrainian strike on Moscow, as it could provoke a sharp escalation from Russia. These concerns are one of the reasons the United States is “reluctant” to supply Kiev with long-range weapons.

The New York Times writes that in the leaked document there is no assessment of the likelihood of any particular scenario. The publication calls such a document “typical” for intelligence, it is intended to help the military, politicians and lawmakers assess the possible outcomes of major events. The document is marked as “RELIDO”, meaning that senior officials may disclose information to foreign partners. It is dated February 24 and marked “one year”, suggesting that the analysis was carried out on the anniversary of the outbreak of full-scale war.

US officials declined to confirm or deny the authenticity of the document.

Secret US war documents show weakness of Ukrainian military But their “leak” at the same time may be deliberate misinformation

Secret US war documents show weakness of Ukrainian military But their “leak” at the same time may be deliberate misinformation

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