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Putin introduced the requirement of knowledge of the Russian language in the program for the resettlement of compatriots

President of Russia Vladimir Poutine By decree, he made changes to the state program for the resettlement of compatriots. From now on, the acceptance of requests for participation from foreign compatriots will be on condition that they speak Russian. The decree was published on the official website Internet portal legal information.

It is specified that the acceptance of applications for participation in the state program will be made under “the condition of their knowledge of the Russian language at a sufficient level to communicate orally and in writing in a linguistic environment”. For a number of foreigners who wish to apply for participation in the state program, this rule will also be relevant.

Language proficiency can be documented or through an interview. In the latter case, a decision must be taken by the commission, which is set up by the Ministry of the Interior. For compatriots outside the country, this interview will take place online.

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At the same time, compatriots among the citizens Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Moldova And Ukraine there is no need to provide a document on education or pass an interview to confirm knowledge of the Russian language, the decree says.

The program of assistance for voluntary resettlement in Russia of compatriots living abroad was adopted by decree of Vladimir Putin in 2006.

March 10, ex-head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs European Union Catherine Ashton saidwhat, in his opinion, are the qualities of character possessed by the President of Russia. She characterized Putin and said he had great confidence in him. According to her, Putin is one “of whom you, when entering the premises, know that he is in charge”. When making decisions, the Russian leader is guided by history and strives to make the country “strong, powerful”, Ashton also noted.

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