Pro-Russian activists in Kherson created an underground organization: Ukraine: Former USSR:

The representative of the underground announced the creation of the organization “Russian Kherson” to fight the armed forces of Ukraine

Pro-Russian militants created in the control by the armed forces Ukraine (COULD) Kherson a clandestine organization whose main purpose is to destroy the objects of Ukrainian troops. About it in conversation with RIA News said one of the representatives of the organization.

The organization was called “Russian Kherson”, the reason for its creation was the difficult humanitarian situation in the city: public services do not work there, there are power outages, queues of several kilometers for food parcels are formed.

“Thanks to our help, several objects have already been successfully worked out,” the underground worker said of the organization’s fight against the Ukrainian armed forces. He added that he is “reliably known” about the nomadic mortars of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, which appeal to the micro-district of the city of Voenka and bombard the center of Kherson.

He also called on men of military age in Kherson not to leave their homes, so as not to fall victim to forced mobilization.

Previously reportedthat Russian artillerymen attacked the location of the Ukrainian armed forces unit near Tokarevka in the Kherson region.

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