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The Hill: Macron’s visit to China showed growing rift between Europe and US

President’s recent visit France Emmanuel Macron V China demonstrated the growing divisions between Europe and UNITED STATES in a relationship beijing. Write about it log The hill.

The authors recalled that on the same dates that the French leader was in Beijing, the head of the Taiwanese administration had visited the United States Tsai Ingwen. Rival diplomatic summits highlight the divide between the United States and Europe on how to deal with China. According to them, American leaders are convinced of Beijing’s desire to rebuild the world according to the “Chinese authoritarian model”, but not all European leaders share this view. Moreover, France and Germany We are convinced that cooperation with China can help bring the end of the conflict closer to Ukraine. And the fact that Macron was accompanied to China by dozens of business representatives indicates France’s desire, if not to strengthen, at least to maintain economic ties at the same level.

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Journalists also saw on this trip evidence of a split within Europe itself. Yes, head European Commission Ursula von der Leyen, who traveled to China with Macron, took a more belligerent stance. In particular, the official called Beijing “increasingly repressive at home and increasingly assertive abroad” and urged countries EU reduce risks in its trade and economic cooperation with China. Many Central and Eastern European countries adhere to a similar position, note the authors of the article.

President of France arrived during a three-day state visit to Beijing on April 5. At the end of the talks, the Chinese President Xi Jinping Beijing and Paris have pledged to support each other and streamline global governance together. He also has urged to the rapid resumption of peace talks on Ukraine, notingthat the prolongation of the crisis threatens to endanger all parties to the conflict.

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