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Britain says the US will stop supporting kyiv if new interests arise

UNITED STATES stop supporting Ukraine when new political interests emerge. This was said by the British Observer Guardian Randeep Ramesh. In his opinion, Kyiv can expect various consequences of actions Washington.

“Washington broke with old allies to pursue its interests in Iraq. His support for kyiv is equally conditional,” the journalist said.

Ramesh explained that the purpose of the US invasion of Iraq was to maintain dominance in the Middle East. At the same time, Washington’s allies were unhappy with this war. Then the White House took the position that the partners are “either with us or against us.”

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The Observer also believes that states were ready to stop interacting with allies to “bomb the Middle East in a form that suits them”. This suggests that for Washington, political success takes precedence over moral principles.

According to the same principle, the United States can change its attitude towards Ukraine. Washington’s support for kyiv has its limits, as sending troops to Ukraine will lead to World War III. representatives of the American leader Joe Biden already talked about plans of order in the plain of Eastern Europe after the conflict, which makes Kyiv nervous.

March 18 American columnist Josh Hammer declaredthat Ukraine will have to settle territorial disputes with Russia without Washington’s help, if politicians opposed to Kyiv’s support come to power. He cited the example of the Governor of Florida Ron DeSantis, whom the American media describes as a potential candidate for the next presidential election. The politician said the conflict in Ukraine is not in the national interest of the United States.

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