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Politico: NATO ammunition shortage over Ukraine could lead to alliance split

Lack of ammunition NATOwhich was caused by the conflict over Ukraine, can lead to a split in the alliance. On this subject writing columnist Lily Baier in her article for the US edition of Politico.

“With countries already preoccupied with their own ammunition stockpiles, and Ukraine urgently in need of additional ammunition and weapons from its allies, there is a risk that all NATO allies will not hold not their promises to contribute to the alliance’s new plans,” the report’s author said. underlined article.

Bayer believes the resupply will take time, and it will be a blow to the North Atlantic alliance. In his opinion, this will only be possible if NATO member countries find companies capable of quickly producing high-quality bullets.

The journalist also quoted the words of the former commander of the land forces UNITED STATES in Europe Ben Hodges that in addition to time, financial investments will be necessary to replenish stocks.

The test of the alliance will take place this summer, when leaders from 30 countries meet in Lithuania to discuss future plans.

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