Possible sources of leaked secret US documents on Ukraine revealed Russian News EN

Fox News: Pentagon Documents Leaked Source May Be CIA

Source of leaked classified documents Pentagonrelated to the conflict Ukrainecan be in Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) or National Security Agency (ANB) UNITED STATES. It is reported by Fox News.

It should be noted that most of the documents found on the network are classified Pentagon reports sent electronically on specially protected tablets. According to the channel, the recipients of these documents can be up to about five thousand people.

However, some reports were prepared by the CIA or NSA, Fox News points out. It should be noted that these documents are not included in the classified reports of the Ministry of Defense, and the circle of their recipients is more limited. According to the channel, the Pentagon has limited access to intelligence reports.

Previously online appeared a new batch of leaked Pentagon documents, more than a hundred files have been released in total. In addition to Ukraine, they talk about US national security issues in the Middle East and China.

For the first time on leaking US secret documents became known April 7. The leaked documents, dated early March, contained information about the plans NATO strengthen the Ukrainian army. It has been alleged that Russian pro-government Telegram channels spread information.

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