Popular country in Europe to cancel all flights due to general strike Russian News EN

Reuters: Greece to cancel all flights on March 16 due to general strike

IN Greece due to a nationwide strike, all flights scheduled for Thursday March 16 will be cancelled. This is reported Reuters.

Air traffic controllers and civil aviation workers from the popular European country will join the general 24-hour protest. According to the agency, only overflights across the country, as well as emergency landings and search and rescue flights, will be operated on March 16. The strike is expected to affect around 40 Greek airports.

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The strike will take place in connection with the deadliest train accident in Greek history. February 28 passenger train with more than 350 passengers faces with a freight train, killing 57 people and injuring dozens.

Earlier, in March, at several airports Germany have been canceled thefts amid warning strikes by the Verdi union. The reason for the strike was the failure of collective bargaining for proper compensation for airline security workers for after-hours work.

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