Police arrest former Yekaterinburg mayor Yevgeny Roizman — Meduza

Yekaterinburg police arrested the former mayor of the city Yevgeny Roizman and took him to the department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in order to draw up an administrative protocol against him under the article on the manifestation of extremist symbols . Roizman’s ex-wife, Yulia Kruteeva, and the politician’s lawyer Vladislav Idamzhapov reported this to Itʼs My City.

Roizman was arrested because of a written information in December 2022, Kruteeva said. According to her, the complaint stated that Roizman displayed extremist symbols on VK, after reposting Alexei Navalny’s team.

“The repost was made in the Yevgeny Roizman group, which he has nothing to do with and does not know who made it. There are about 20 such groups in VK, “- reported Julia Kruteeva at 66.ru. Kruteeva and the lawyer assure that Roizman does not have a page in VK, he has never used this social network.

A court in Yekaterinburg is expected to review the administrative protocol against Roizman on March 16. Policy threat up to 15 days of administrative arrest under the article on the manifestation of extremist symbols. But, as It’s My City notes, due to the criminal case filed earlier, the court may send Roizman to jail.

In August 2022, Yevgeny Roizman was arrested in a criminal case for “discrediting” the Russian military. The court imposed restraint on Roizman in the form of a ban on certain actions: he was prohibited from visiting public places and using the Internet.

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