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Retired FSB General Mikhailov: Among the saboteurs are Ukrainian visitors or their relatives

Potential candidates for spies and saboteurs may be those who arrived in Russia With Ukraine people and their relatives. These categories of citizens were appointed by Major General FSB retired Alexander Mikhailov publication NEWS.ru.

Citizens influenced by anti-Russian sentiment are also subject to recruitment, he added. There are those who “simply by virtue of their nature try to interact with Security Service of Ukraine and other special services. They perform the function of agents of influence through action – they set fire to cars, military registration and enlistment offices and offer anti-Russian theses.

“Today, the increase in turbulence leads to an increase in tension in society,” Mikhailov said.

On February 13, he declaredthat the Americans are recruiting militants from jihadist groups associated with the Islamic State (IS) terrorist organization banned in Russia, and “Al-Qaeda”to carry out terrorist attacks in Russia on a religious or ideological basis.

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