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State Duma Deputy Khinshtein worries about the creation of a “parallel Russian guard” in the Interior Ministry

A structure is being created within the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs that duplicates the functions of the National Guard, State Duma Deputy Alexander Khinshtein said in Telegram.

We are talking about the special forces of the Ministry of Internal Affairs “Thunder”, which began to replace the SOBR of the Russian Guard. According to the concerned deputy, the special police regiments have already begun to rebuild themselves in the image of the riot police in Moscow and St. Petersburg: their numbers are growing, snipers, technicians in explosives and high-altitude officers appeared there. This is largely due to the “buyout” of OMON personnel – employees are persuaded to move from the National Guard to the Ministry of the Interior.

Khinshtein noted that the formation of a new structure is proceeding despite warnings from President Vladimir Putin, who at the Interior Ministry board spoke out against the creation of a “second National Guard”. .

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