Poland ‘dismantles’ Russian spy ring

Polish counter-intelligence has dismantled a Russian spy network, Poland’s Defense Minister announced on Thursday.

“The whole network has been dismantled,” Mariusz Blaszczak told Polish public radio PR1. “It was a spy group…collecting information for those who attacked Ukraine.

“The threat was real,” he added, without giving further details.

Poland’s interior minister is due to hold a press conference on the alleged spy ring operation at 11 a.m. local time (1000 GMT).

Polish private radio station RMF, citing unnamed sources, said on Wednesday that ABW, Poland’s counterintelligence service, had arrested six foreigners working for the Russian secret service and allegedly preparing for sabotage in Poland.

The suspects were reportedly arrested after the discovery of hidden cameras, placed on major railway lines and crossroads, recording and transmitting traffic data.

According to RMF, “dozens of devices” of this type have been installed, mainly on sections of railway lines leading to the south-east of the country, including near an airport which is one of the main transfer points. Western weapons and ammunition to Ukraine.

The authorities are now on high alert and the security of railways and strategic infrastructure has been reinforced, according to RMF.

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