Passengers stranded at Sochi airport due to fog described the situation: Company: Russia:

Passengers stranded at Sochi airport due to fog spoke of the crowds in the air port

Due to fog at the airport Sochi many flights were delayed or cancelled. This led to the fact that a large number of people who could not fly out in time were stuck in the air port building. spoke to passengers who described the situation at the airport.

“Yesterday a thick fog descended from the mountains. Many outgoing flights were delayed, some were cancelled. Many people, [все] annoyed by the behavior of local representatives of airlines, ”said one of the interlocutors of

His flight was scheduled to take off on the evening of Saturday March 18. However, due to the delay, the passengers were placed in a hotel, but food was not provided.

“I’ve been in situations before with a flight delay, but somehow this time it all felt so wild and disorganized. Like the kids were called to work. I didn’t asked a lot of questions, but yelling at passengers with children or the elderly is probably ugly from airline representatives,” he said.

Another passenger, Anatoly, said there was actually no space in the airport building due to the cancellation.

Yesterday [18 марта] all afternoon the airport was so crowded that there was nowhere to sit even on the ground


39 flights canceled due to heavy fog at Sochi airport RBC with reference to the press service of the operator of Kuban airports, Aerodinamika Group of Companies. On Sunday night, only two flights out of the 57 planned were carried out.

“The fog and the overcast sky prevent the crews from landing at the airport. Airlines are postponing their flights to a later date.

Due to bad weather Aeroflot canceled flights scheduled for March 19 and 20. Later became knownthat the airport began to receive delayed flights due to bad weather.

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