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Participants of the Russian expedition around the world were evacuated to Chile due to a ship breakdown

IN Chile Participants of the expedition around the world “On the way of the great Russian navigators”, which was carried out on a single-sailing trimaran, were evacuated. The reason for the evacuation was the breakdown of the ship. This is reported in Telegram– shipping channel.

The report indicates that on the night of March 16, the crew of the trimaran urgently contacted the chief of the coastal headquarters, Yulia Kalyuzhnaya. Travelers reported that the trimaran had broken steering and lost control. A rescue operation is immediately organised. The Chilean navy and a Brazilian ship participated, which was heading to Chile and embarking the crew and towing a trimaran.

Now the expedition members will have to decide on their next steps.

The expedition around the world “On the way of the great Russian navigators” started at the beginning of July 2021 from Kronstadt. There are always two aboard the ship – a native Tomsk Evgeny Kovalevsky and Stanislav Berezkin of Novosibirsk. Initially, they planned to circumnavigate the globe in two years, but right from the start the breakdowns started and the trimaran had to be repaired quite often, which lengthened the journey times.

Previously reportedwho is the first Russia the green expedition will pass through the Arctic, the Baltic, the Mediterranean and the Black Sea. The traveler Eldar Muharashev will go there on a trimaran, which he designed and built himself.

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