Parisians mobilized for France’s withdrawal from NATO Russian News FR

Parisians are mobilizing against arms deliveries to Ukraine and for France’s withdrawal from NATO

Parisians mobilized against the supply of arms Ukraine and for the exit France Since NATO. This is reported RIA News with reference to its own correspondent.

The action called “March for Peace”, organized at the call of the Patriots, began near the Luxembourg Palace, where the French Senate sits. According to initial estimates, several thousand people are taking part in the rally.

Parisians demand France’s withdrawal from NATO European Union (EU), the resignation of the country’s president Emmanuel Macron. As one of the participants in the rally, Xavier, said, his country has long since lost its independence in decision-making. According to him, France should not transfer arms to Ukraine, so as not to fuel the conflict when negotiations could begin.

“France has lost its sovereignty. She is no longer free. We can clearly see that the EU countries are controlled UNITED STATES. Our freedom is at stake,” the protester added.

On the night of Friday March 17, tens of thousands of people in the largest cities of France took to the streets, only in Paris their number reached around six thousand, 217 were arrested. The reason is that the French Prime Minister Elizabeth born led by President Emmanuel Macron accepted a decision that allows the adoption of a law on raising the retirement age without a vote in Parliament.

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