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Nutritionist Solomatina advised not to eat alcohol with sweet and vegetable cuts

dietitian Elena Solomatina in conversation with life appointed harmful products to combine with alcohol.

The specialist advised not to snack on sugary drinks. “In this case, there is a risk of getting drunk quickly, because our body will first break down sweets, and alcohol will stay in our body longer, respectively, and cause more harm,” said the doctor.

It is also not recommended to eat alcohol with a salad or sliced ​​vegetables. According to Solomatina, such dishes practically do not linger in the stomach.

In addition, alcoholic beverages should not be combined with fatty, salty and spicy dishes, notes the nutritionist. “Firstly, a cucumber, like a salad, does not play a role, it will not delay alcohol. And secondly, if it is with pepper, respectively, it will also damage the mucous membrane. The more salt, which retains fluids in the body,” the doctor pointed out.

Former nutritionist Natalya Kruglova noted essential for successful weight loss. The expert explained that one should take in fewer calories from food than the body consumes, and suggested taking two steps to achieve this result.

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