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Nutritionist Sviridova called healthy attitudes half the success on the path to a healthy lifestyle

Russians received advice on how to start a healthy lifestyle and not give up on it. Nutritionist Elena Sviridova in conversation with life saidthat the transition to adequate nutrition and an active lifestyle will require patience and the creation of new facilities.

She noted that letting go of addictions is not easy. Half of the success on the way to a healthy lifestyle, Sviridova called the internal attitude and healthy attitudes. In addition, to form new habits, you have to be patient. “It has been proven that it takes 21 days to form a habit. This time must be endured, overtaken by your craving for harmful products, but then a healthy lifestyle will be easy and simple, ”explained the nutritionist.

The expert considers an active lifestyle one of the main healthy habits. Sport, according to her, improves blood circulation, helps fight fatigue and increases energy. The main thing, Sviridova is sure, is to choose an activity to your liking, so that every day brings pleasure and joy.

Another important habit is to drink enough fluids and include more citrus fruits, greens and vegetables in the diet, as these foods contain a huge amount of vitamins and beneficial elements. In addition, the specialist suggests reducing salt intake by replacing it with healthier herbs and spices. Sviridova also advises eating fruits and natural chocolate instead of sugar.

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