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Endocrinologist Daria Nechaeva called the causes of excess weight not related to overeating

Being overweight does not always mean neglecting the rules of healthy eating, says Daria Nechaeva, an endocrinologist and nutritionist at the SM-Clinic. Unobvious causes of the appearance of abdomen and waist fat appointed in an interview with the publication “Doctor Peter”.

Nechaeva noted that the most common cause of weight gain that is not associated with excessive eating and a passive lifestyle is hormonal imbalance due to disruptions in the endocrine system. To provoke such violations, according to the specialist, age-related changes, genetic predisposition or long-lasting stress can.

Stress causes the release of cortisol which stimulates the accumulation of subcutaneous and abdominal fat. Often, in combination with cortisol, bad habits also work – eating stress with chocolates, drinking alcohol. In your case, you need to relieve stress in the gym or in nature, as well as get enough sleep

Daria Neshaevaendocrinologist, nutritionist

Also, extra pounds can appear due to a drop in testosterone levels in men or an excess of growth hormone. In women, an excess of male hormones provokes the development of polycystic ovary syndrome, in which weight gain is also possible.

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To maintain harmony after 40, Nechaeva recommended exercising regularly and reducing portion sizes by about ten percent every ten years.

The nutritionist warned that poor eating habits can also cause hormonal imbalances. “In this case, the course of obesity is likely to go into a more serious phase, and a woman or a man falls into a kind of vicious circle, starting to gain weight due to both hormones and nutritional issues,” Nechaeva said. .

Earlier, nutritionist Olga Dekker named the most useful snacks. She informed give preference to natural products that do not contain artificial additives, dyes and preservatives, or salt.

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