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Nutritionist Nikulina: out-of-season fruits and vegetables contain a large amount of pesticides

Therapist, nutritionist, head of the “Integrative Health Technologies” department of the Academy of Social Technologies Irina Nikulin in an interview with the agency “Prime” warned about the dangers of out-of-season fruits and vegetables.

According to her, their use can do more harm than good. She said out-of-season fruits contain a high amount of pesticides and nitrates, which are used to increase shelf life.

The specialist noted that these substances, when consumed in excess, have adverse effects on the human body. Thus, they can cause allergic reactions, as well as problems with the respiratory, nervous and endocrine systems. In addition, according to the doctor, pesticides and nitrates are associated with the development of cancer.

Nikulina recommended introducing out-of-season fruits and vegetables into the diet of children with extreme caution, since their detoxification process is not as fast and active as in adults.

The nutritionist added that the necessary dose of vitamins and trace elements can be obtained from frozen foods.

Former nutritionist, gastroenterologist Anastasia Timoshchenko appointed products that accelerate aging. The nutritionist claims that the love of sweets accelerates aging the most: excessive sugar consumption leads to weight gain, insulin resistance, promotes aging of the skin – it becomes less elastic, wrinkles appear faster and the damage heals longer.

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