North Korea launched a ballistic missile towards the Sea of ​​Japan Russian News EN

Yonhap: North Korea launched a ballistic missile in the Sea of ​​Japan on March 19

North Korea on Sunday, March 19, launched, presumably, a ballistic missile, it has already fallen. The Coast Guard reported Japantransmits TASS.

Japanese patrol boats urged vessels in the area not to approach them if they find munitions fragments and to contact authorities immediately.

The South Korean military also said that North Korea had launched a missile, its range, altitude and flight speed were not specified, reports yonhap.

March 16 in North Korea held tests of the intercontinental ballistic missile “Hwaseong-17”. March 15 North Korea declared on the launch of two medium-range ballistic missiles towards the Sea of ​​Japan. Such actions were a response to the teachings that UNITED STATES and South Korea are spending on the peninsula.

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