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NYT: Leaked Pentagon Documents Show US Has Access to Russia’s Plans

Leaked documents Pentagonthat happened earlier this week shows that UNITED STATES there is access to plans not only Ukrainebut also Russia. On this subject became known The New York Times (NYT).

Documents dated late February to early March are operational reports United States Joint Chiefs of Staffmade on the basis of intelligence. They testify that Washington monitors the actions of Ukraine’s top military and political leaders in order to “get a clear idea” of the country’s strategy.

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As the newspaper notes, the leaked documents show that the United States also has access to Russia’s plans, through which Washington can warn Kyiv on the intended targets of future attacks.

April 8 edition of The War Zone writingthat Russian intelligence can obtain a lot of information about the state of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) and their intentions General Staff due to the recent Pentagon leak.

Formerly The New York Times reportedthat a hundred US classified data appeared on the network. They relate to Ukraine, US national security issues in the Middle East and China. It was claimed that this was the second batch of leaked data.

April 7 NYT also became known about the leak of important information about the Ukrainian conflict. The data, dated early March, also contains information on US projects and NATO strengthen the Ukrainian army.

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