New York’s Metropolitan Opera ordered to pay Netrebko for canceled concerts Russian News FR

NYT: Metropolitan Opera ordered to pay Anna Netrebko $200,000 to cancel performances

Management of the Metropolitan Opera Theater new York must pay a Russian and Austrian opera singer Anna Netrebko $200,000 in compensation for canceled performances. This decision was made by referee Howard Edelman, informed The New York Times (NYT) newspaper.

According to the publication, he justified his decision by the fact that a contract was signed between the theater and the singer in the form of pay-or-play (“pay or play”), which establishes the obligation of the institution to pay the performer, whether he performs or not. In accordance with this, Edelman ruled that the Metropolitan Opera was obligated to compensate Netrebko for 13 canceled concerts.

At the same time, the theater itself insisted that the singer was not entitled to payment, as she refused to condemn the Russian special military operation (SVO) on Ukraine. Edalman came to the conclusion that “she [Нетребко] was a fan [президента России Владимира] Cheese friesbecause she had the right. At the same time, the judge ordered the singer to pay a fine of approximately $30,000 for “extremely inappropriate” statements after the start of SVO.

Previously became knownthat the fees of the Russian and Austrian opera singer Anna Netrebko have increased tenfold due to the cancellation of concerts around the world and in Russia.

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