New military registration rules will allow you to quickly appeal actions of military registration and enlistment offices Russian News EN

The new procedure for military registration in Russia will allow you to quickly appeal against the actions of military registration and enlistment offices

Amendments to improve the military registration process by Russia allow you to quickly challenge the agenda sent under the new rules. They can be quickly addressed both in the pre-trial order and in court. It follows from the law State Duma in second and third readings on Tuesday 11 April.

A complaint about the actions of the military registration and enlistment offices should be directed to the project commission of the region through the public services portal or contact the MFC, from where it should be sent in hard copy no later than the day after.

The complaint must state the name of the military commissariat, recruiting commission, or citizen registration commission for military registration; last name, first name and patronymic of the civil servant; the essence of the complaint; their surname, first name and patronymic, data on the place of residence, or similar data of the authorized person in the event of filing a complaint by proxy.

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In addition, the document must provide reasons and arguments proving the illegality of sending the summons, you can attach documents or copies of them, indicate your needs.

The Selection Committee may refuse to accept a complaint if it has been withdrawn for any reason. Also, it will not be accepted if there is a court ruling on it or if any of the requirements listed for it are violated.

The complaint must be reviewed within five days from the date of registration on the public services portal or within seven days if filed through the MFC. The decision must be published in the personal account of the Russian who filed the complaint on the portal of public services or sent through the MFC within one day from the date of its adoption.

April 11 State Duma accepted in second and third readings, the law amending the rules for notifying citizens of their presence at events related to conscription for military service. According to one of the adopted amendments, additional restrictions are introduced for scammers.

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