Named the preliminary cause of death of a schoolgirl during a lesson in St. Petersburg Russian News FR

Potekhina called the cause of death of a schoolgirl during a lesson in St. Petersburg a genetic disease

Lieutenant Governor petersburg Irina Potekhina called the possible cause of death of a schoolgirl in a physical education lesson. This is reported RIA News.

Potekhina noted that the final conclusion of pathologists is not yet ready, but a genetic disease is called the preliminary cause of the child’s death.

At the same time, the girl showed no symptoms of the disease, noted the lieutenant governor.

“It was only possible to diagnose it with an examination that went beyond the standard school medical examination. And in case of detection, follow strict rules that minimize the risks,” she stressed. .

Previously reportedthat in St. Petersburg, a seventh-grade student died during a physical education class. The school where the twelve-year-old student died is located in the Vyborgsky district of the city. The girl fell ill while jogging with a “snake”, she was called a team of doctors, but the ambulance could not resuscitate the child. It is clarified that the schoolgirl had heart problems – functional heart murmur – which, however, did not become the reason for the student’s exit from sports.

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