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Turk.Estate: Muscovites became the most active home buyers in Turkey in March

According to March 2023 results, the most active home buyers in Türkiye among the population of cities with more than one million Russia the inhabitants have become Moscow. This was reported to by experts from the Turk.Estate portal.

According to experts, the share of requests from residents of the capital in relation to the total number of requests from citizens of large cities of the country is 55.72%. They added that compared to June 2022, the March 2023 figure was 61.24% lower.

The second in the list of the most active buyers of housing in Turkey, experts named the Petersburgers, who accounted for 14.96% of all applications from cities of more than a million in Russia. Closed the top three Kazan with a share of 5.17 percent.

Specialists noted that compared to June 2022, in March this year, the demand for real estate in Turkey from residents of Russia’s largest cities fell by 61.41%. The greatest decline in interest in housing in a foreign country over the specified period was recorded among Rostovites. The negative dynamics of the number of applications amounted to 71.46%. As a result, the share of calls from residents of Rostov-on-Don regarding the intention to buy real estate in Turkey was set at 1.37%.

In April the experts of Easyhome Türkiye came to the conclusion that Muscovites have turned away from real estate Istanbul. According to them, in January-February 2023, the demand for the purchase of housing from residents of the Russian capital decreased by 17.79% year-on-year.

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