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“Bon Ton”: most new buildings in Moscow have fallen in price in the airport and Nekrasovka areas

During the year, among Moscow locations, the largest decline in the cost of apartments in the primary market was observed in the airport area. This was reported by analysts of the real estate company “Bon Ton”, writes RBC.

According to experts, in the first quarter of 2023, housing prices in the airport area fell by 40.9% compared to the same period in 2022, to an average of 407,500 rubles per square meter. Experts named Nekrasovka as the second district in the list of metropolitan localities with the cheapest new buildings with a negative trend of 35%, at 159.5 thousand rubles per square meter. Closed the first three districts of Basmanny, where the cost of “primary” decreased by 27.1% compared to the first quarter of the previous year, to 439,000 rubles per square meter. The top five also included the Cheryomushki and Filevsky Park districts, where prices for new buildings fell by 16% and 15.8% over the year, to 318.2 and 394.9 thousand rubles, respectively.

Analysts noted that in the airport and Basmanny areas prices fell due to the completion of the implementation of premium class projects and the start of the implementation of comfort class projects. In addition, in the first three locations on the list, a sharp decrease in items available for purchase has been recorded (there are now 113 in the airport area, 378 in Nekrasovka and 336 in Basmanny). Experts explained the fall in the price of real estate in Cheryomushki and Filevsky Park by the presence of discounts in a number of projects implemented in these areas.

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In total, in Moscow, experts concluded, prices for “primary” housing fell in 30 city districts during the year. In 44 locations, its cost increased (by 10.1% on average) and in eight others it remained at the same level.

In April, Metrium specialists came concluded that it would take the family six years and six months to save money for an apartment in a new comfort-class building in Moscow. To determine the term, analysts correlated the net annual income of an average Muscovite family with the average cost of housing. They also pointed out that in 2022, the affordability rate for new capital buildings hit a multi-year low.

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