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“Best-Novostroy”: the most expensive new buildings rose in the Moscow district of Zamoskvorechye

At the beginning of 2023, prices for new buildings increased mainly in the Zamoskvorechye district – by an average of 33.6% per year, to 918.5 thousand rubles per square meter. Elder locations Moscow with the greatest positive price dynamics in the primary market was named by analysts of the company “Best-Novostroy” in their study, writing RBC.

The second place with an increase of 23.7%, up to 1.08 million rubles per square meter, was taken by the Meshchansky district. The Tagansky district occupied the third line – the price of new buildings there increased by 12% over the year, to 1.13 million rubles per square meter.

The top five for this indicator also included the Akademichesky district (plus 12%, up to 519.1 thousand rubles per square meter) and Pechatniki (plus 11.1%, up to 332.8 thousand rubles per square meter ). In general, in the first half of March, the average price for one square meter in new buildings in the capital reached 471.7 thousand rubles (up 2.7% since the beginning of the year).

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“Zamoskvorechye’s leadership is due to the appearance of four new buildings for sale at higher prices than before, and the fact that the volume of supply is not the largest here. The Meshchansky district also has a small supply volume, there are still only three crates on display, but several new batches have appeared there at higher prices. Exactly the same picture is observed in the Tagansky district – with a small total volume of supply, several lots went on sale at higher prices, which added 12.2% to the average price in the district since the beginning of the year”, explained the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Best-Novosroy” Irina Dobrokhotova.

Previously became known capital locations with the most expensive housing in new elite buildings. The leader in the rating was the Patriarch’s Ponds region – the average cost of one square meter in new elite buildings is 3.32 million rubles.

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