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HSE Dean Vinogradov: unemployed Russians with enough points will receive early pension

Member Public Chamberdean of law school NRU HSE Vadim Vinogradov He said that not only privileged categories of workers have the right to take early retirement. About this he informed in an interview with the Prime agency.

Vinogradov named a way to take early retirement and said that under certain conditions Russians also have this right, who are no more than five years before retirement age. “Thus, persons dismissed to reduce the number (staff) of an organization in connection with its liquidation or the termination of the activities of individual entrepreneurs are entitled to an early appointment of a pension – two years earlier than planned “, noted the expert.

At the same time, citizens of this category must be registered with the employment service as unemployed, and a minimum of 20 years of experience for women and 25 for men is also required. In addition, a sufficient number of points is needed for the old-age pension: in 2023, this figure is 25.8 points.

If you are unable to find a new job and all the conditions are met, the employment service appoints an early pension, for which the Russian must give consent.

From April 1 to Russia indexed social pensions. During the year, payments will increase by 13.5%. “Thus, growth will be higher than the rate of inflation”, explain speaker State Duma Vyacheslav Volodin.

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