MP gave advice to injured OSV members who were deprived of payments Russian News EN

Deputy Zhuravlev advised injured SVO members who were denied payments to approach the State Duma

deputy State Duma (DG) Alexei Zhuravlev advised injured participants of a special military operation (SVO) who were deprived of payments to immediately contact the Duma Defense Committee or law enforcement agencies. He reported this RIA News.

Situations where medical boards do not recognize soldiers as injured and deny them promised payments are unlikely to become widespread, Zhuravlev said, but they have already started keeping statistics on them.

The deputy noted that the cases of bureaucratic delays, which are currently known, account for no more than 1% of the number of participants in the SVO.

He recommended that all injured special operation participants, who were mistakenly deprived of their payments, “to make sure to notify law enforcement or the deputies corps as soon as possible.” Zhuravlev promised not to discredit government initiatives.

Formerly State Duma accepted at first reading, a bill that simplifies the procedure for recognizing missing or deceased soldiers. Thus, in the event of the death of a Russian, a document will be drawn up in the presence of witnesses, which, in turn, will become the basis for state registration of death.

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