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Ben Affleck compared social media to mines that can destroy a career with just one word

Star of Pearl Harbor and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Ben Affleck compared social networks to mines, capable of destroying anyone’s career because of a single word. He gave the reason for his absence from social networks and said on the traumatic experience of dealing with journalists in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

Affleck said his wife Jennifer Lopez likes to use social networks and has a lot of followers. Himself, once faced with misunderstanding, left all social networks and gave interviews with caution. “These things are like landmines. As soon as you say the wrong word, your career can be over. I had a very painful experience with a candid interview. My words were twisted to make the garish headlines,” the actor and director admitted.

Then I said drinking ruined my marriage. Everyone made it look like I blamed my ex-wife Jennifer Garner for my alcoholism. I was responsible for my actions and every word. I couldn’t blame my wife. We loved each other, we still care about each other

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Affleck added that public discussions about his addiction have affected his life. Against his will, he became one of the symbols of acting alcoholism and recovery after it. However, the situation also has a flip side: people suffering from alcoholism turn to the actor for help. “I like helping them because it helps me a lot more,” he says.

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The actor noted that Lopez gave him parting words before the interview. She asked him to relax, be himself and enjoy the moment. She called her husband a real, sincere and serious person. “Jennifer is right about a lot of things. And she loves me, she tries to help me. So I have to fucking listen to her,” Affleck said.

Formerly Jennifer Lopez saidhow marrying Ben Affleck changed her outlook on love. She admitted that the wedding with Affleck was the most important event in her life after the birth of children.

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