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Psychotherapist Kariss: Dating apps have killed romance

Publicist Hope Flynn and psychotherapist Jody Cariss have noticed that modern people suffer from burnout and are less likely to seek out romantic experiences. They explain trend in an interview with Cosmopolitan magazine.

According to Flynn, dating apps and social media deprived people of the opportunity to have real-life romantic relationships, but everyone was given a huge selection of potential dating partners. Casual relationships, short acquaintances over time developed a consumer attitude towards romance and killed it.

Along with Flynn, Jody Cariss agreed, citing dating app rules as the reason for lack of interest in dating and general romantic fatigue. “If we get bored, hurt or offended, we just push the person away and move on to the next one. We do it without responsibility, without caring about our own feelings or those of others,” Kariss said.

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For those who feel romantically drained and see dating as hopeless, Flynn advised taking a break — don’t open applications, don’t look for partners at parties. In her view, pausing with new knowledge will help shape the purpose of future research and relationships. Understanding these things will allow you to make the right choice and meet those who live up to expectations.

Formerly British 47-year-old Claire Kenny denied to go out together in favor of “lonely Saturdays”. She said this method helped her become happy without a relationship.

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