Meeting squirrels and martens in the Chelyabinsk region hit the video: Nature: My country:

A marten and a squirrel fell into a camera trap in Zyuraktul National Park in Chelyabinsk

In the national park “Zyuraktul” in Chelyabinsk region A camera trap filmed an encounter between a squirrel and a marten. The video was published by the region’s Ministry of Ecology in its Telegram-channel.

The recording shows that the first squirrel came to the clearing and started looking for something near the thawed area. Later, a marten came out from behind the trees. The predator watched how the squirrel studied the snow and in no way betrayed himself. But the squirrel didn’t notice her immediately and walked towards her. Realizing who was in front of her, she quickly ran in the opposite direction – the marten followed her and the recording ended there.

“The marten, which at first glance appears to be a rather cute fluffy animal, seems to be catching up with an equally charming beautiful squirrel. However, the latter knows how dangerous this predator is, even if it is small,” said explained the Ministry of Ecology.

Previously reportedthan the camera trap in the national park “Buzuluksky Bor” in Orenburg region filmed the nocturnal “races” of two birds with a stone. The recording shows them exploring the forest area and also running from side to side. The national park explained that this is how hares masterfully confuse their tracks in order to fool predatory animals.

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